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This week we’re talking about something we don’t know that much about (no change there then): commercial property.

It’s a very different asset class from residential property in terms of its benefits, drawbacks and risk profile – and it’s something that, as neither of us currently invest in it, we haven’t given enough time to on the podcast up until now.

So to pave the way for deeper dives into commercial property in the future, in this foundational episode we cover:

  • What the term “commercial property” encompasses (it’s a lot!)
  • The ways in which it’s more attractive than residential property
  • The drawbacks and risk factors that may put you off
  • The 3 different ways in which you can hold commercial property
  • To sum up: is it something you should be thinking about?

Resource of the week

Sometimes when you’re researching an area, you might want to mark up a map with boundaries, notes, arrows and so on. Enter Scribble Maps, recommended to us by listener Darren Beale, who says that he uses it for exactly that purpose and finds it very useful.

Check it out and see what you think!

News this week

The Daily Mail is running stories about the endless riches on offer from getting into buy-to-let.

Does this mean that the masses are coming? Should we change tack as a result? We discuss all in the episode.

This week’s mentions

As part of our discussion about how to get started in commercial property, Rob D mentioned his interview with Phil Stewardson about mixed-use developments.

And we gave a shout-out to our iTunes reviewer this week, Jayne Owen from The Property Bookshop.

Join the conversation

Is commercial property something you invest in?

If yes, how? If not, why not?

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