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This week we’re guiding you through the process of conducting a portfolio review: an important process to conduct at least annually so you can course-correct and measure your progress towards your goals.

The steps we suggested were:

  • Make a recurring calendar appointment
  • Calculate your true ROI
  • Update your capital values
  • Review your rents
  • Check your mortgage rates
  • Identify poor performers
  • Determine your net worth

All the details are in the episode, so take a listen!

Resource of the week

Listener Mani (and a friend) called in to suggest using a feature built into Android devices to read blog posts and Kindle books out loud – perfect if it’s easier for you to make time to listen than read.

There are instructions to set it up here. And iPhone users needn’t feel left out, as there’s a similar built-in feature called VoiceOver. You can learn how to set that up here.

News this week

As we’ve mentioned on the show before, notorious property power couple Fergus and Judith Wilson (with 1,000 properties to their name) are in the process of selling off their portfolio.

Moneyweek has an interesting story covering why they’re selling up now, and what we can learn from their journey from maths teachers to owning the equivalent of a small village.

Meetups are coming!

We have another official Property Hub Meetup in the works for July – it’ll be in London, but the rest of the country needn’t feel left out as we have other plans afoot…

Tickets will be made available soon, and will go fast – so watch this space!

Join the conversation

How often do you conduct portfolio reviews?

Is there anything else you track in addition to our suggestions?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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