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This week we’re sharing 5 of our favourite negotiation techniques…oh you’ve twisted our arm, we’ll make it 6…fine, we’ll throw in a big announcement and a Resource of the Week, can’t say fairer than that.

Among other things, we cover:

  • What number to start the negotiation at
  • The surprising power of saying nothing at all
  • What to negotiate on other than the price
  • How to get the agent on-side
  • When a survey can have a 1,000% ROI
  • The one magic word that will make your requests be taken more seriously.

Clearly we’re not great negotiators because we gave away far more than we planned — but we’re not bending on the fact that you’ll have to listen to the episode to get all the details.

Meetups are GO!

From now on, the first Thursday of every month is officially meetup day!

We’re launching a network of free meetups across the UK — more than 10 to start with, and eventually covering the whole of the country. The first events are starting on 3rd September, and you’ll be able to catch your fellow property enthusiasts on the first Thursday of every month from then on.

It’s free, there’s no sales pitch, and you’re guaranteed to find people to whom you can speak about property for hours without their eyes glazing over. What’s not to like?

See the list of meetups and book your place here!.

Resource of the week

Uber has its place, but you can’t beat the British black cabbie. New app Gett brings together the best of both worlds: you can hail a black cab from your phone, and the app takes care of all payment and tipping too.

It’s a great service, and a listener gave us the code GT5497 which will give you a free £10 ride.

News this week

The petition to reverse the mortgage interest changes announced in the Budget has passed 10,000 signatures, which means that the Government has to respond to it.

Visit the link around the time this episode airs, and the response should be up there. And if you haven’t signed yet and passed it on to everyone you know, do it! If it reaches 100,000 signatures the matter will be debated in parliament.

Free course: Should you invest through a limited company?

It’s a question that comes up all the time, and which the aforementioned Budget changes has intensified the debate around: should you invest in property through a limited company?

We’ve covered it on the podcast, but we’ve also put together a completely free video course to get into it even further and bring all our ideas together in one place.

Check it out here!

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Ever got a particularly great deal that you want to brag about?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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