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A short podcast this week, in which we announce…that we’re going twice-weekly! Yes, that’s double as much property podcast goodness for the hard-to-beat price of “nothing at all”.

If your’e a subscriber already, you don’t need to do anything at all: every Tuesday you’ll be getting an episode in your feed called “Ask Rob & Rob”, in which a listener calls in to (you guessed it) ask a question that we’ll answer on air.

Got a question of your own to ask? There are two ways to get involved:

  • Call 013 808 00035 (normal UK rates apply) to leave us a voicemail
  • Click this link to leave us a message from your computer

Meetups start next week!

Don’t forget, our network of completely free meetups will be on the first Thursday of every month – starting next week, on 3rd September.

To find a meetup near you and book your free place, click here!


In this episode we mentioned two recent episodes that we consider must-listens if you haven’t heard them already:

Well worth a listen or a re-visit, because there are lots of embedded lessons which can save you from the costly mistakes that others have made.

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