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Bizarrely, the Robs are asked all the time if they invest in property themselves. The answer is yes they definitely do! This week’s episode is all about finding out more about the recent deals they have been working on.

Rob B talks about his new Bradford investment which is looking at producing some very impressive figures indeed, and about a new deal he is working on in a super-prime location in Manchester, which should be brilliant for capital growth.

Rob D’s recent investment news hasn’t quite gone to plan, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what happened there – needless to say, true to form, he managed to find a positive to take away from the situation.

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Resource of the week

Big thanks to Dale for recommending this week’s resource which is a bank/app called Monzo. This is a totally new kind of banking and you’ll particularly love this if you want to analyse exactly what you’re spending your cash on each month.

News this week

You’d have to be living on Mars to have missed the news that Donald Trump is the new President-Elect of The United States. Our reaction? Keep calm and carry on.

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