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A different type of episode this week, as we flip on the microphone to record the type of business-related discussion that we typically have over coffee (or distract ourselves with when we’re meant to be working): is it advantageous to focus on your strengths, or work on your weaknesses?

Our freeform conversation takes us from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Steven Gerard via our schooldays and Rob B’s hatred of DIY – and of course, we relate it all back to how you can apply these ideas specifically to the approach you take to property.

Resource of the week

Related to the idea of strengths and weaknesses, Rob B mentioned two tests that can be used to assess where you fall on various spectrums: Wealth Dynamics, which is more for individuals, and Talent Dynamics which shows how people naturally fit into a team.

News this week

Are you a millionaire? Well, don’t look so smug about it – 1 in 65 people in the UK have hit that milestone, according to this story in the Daily Mail. Unsurprisingly, the proportion is highest in London.

The number has been bolstered by recent years of stock market and property growth, so it remains to be seen whether this will last…

This week’s mentions

We’ve recommended it before but we ended up talking about it again today – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography is brilliant.

Millionaire property investor, world’s greatest bodybuilder, A-list Hollywood actor, high-ranking politician…no big deal. The book gives a great insight into the mindset Arnie used to achieve such an astonishing amount.

Join the conversation

Do you strive to become an all-rounder or be the best at one particular thing?

And should we do more of this type of loosely-structured episode, or was it a total snooze-fest?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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