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Tonight, 12 Property Hub Meetups are taking place all across the UK – so we thought we’d dedicate this episode to why you should be networking, and how to start.

Networking isn’t always the easiest thing to do – actually, “networking” is almost a dirty word for many people – but building a strong network makes the whole business of being a property investor a whole lot easier. And hey, it can even be fun!

Not booked yet? It’s not too late!

Click here to see all tonight’s meetups (and book your place).

Worried about not having anything to say? Check out our episode on questions to ask a property investor

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Resource of the week

You don’t need us to tell you about Amazon, and you probably don’t need us to tell you about Amazon Prime either. But you might not realise that with Prime, you also get access to a huge online library of streaming video and music.

We’ve got nothing to gain from it and I’m sure Amazon doesn’t need our help, but if you use them half as much as we do it’s well worth a look. See what’s included with Amazon Prime here.

News this week

The petition to reverse the planned changes to the tax treatment of mortgage interest has passed 30,000 signatures – but that’s still only a tiny fraction of the UK’s property investors.

There’s a good chance that lots of “accidental landlords” don’t even know that these changes are coming, and could be in for a nasty shock. So if you know anyone who holds property but doesn’t listen to the podcast, send them a link to the petition. (You can read the government’s response at the same link.)

And tell them about the podcast, while you’re at it!

Join the conversation

Each regional meetup has its own sub-forum in The Property Hub to keep the conversation going between events, so don’t be shy – join the discussion and share any of your own networking tips!

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