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If you’re listening to this podcast, you must be at least somewhat excited about property investment. But does your partner feel the same way?

It’s an important question, because investing in property is a big financial decision – and if your partner isn’t on board, that could be the end of your investment dreams (or at least lead to a couple of nights on the sofa). That’s why speaking to your partner about property is the theme of tonight’s Property Hub Meetups – and also today’s podcast.

In this episode we run through a process for getting a partner on board with property investment. The step are:

    1. Get talking about the alternatives: what will your financial future look like if you just carry on as you are?
    2. Introduce them to the classic books which have been a “lightbulb moment” for so many people, including Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man In Babylon.
    3. Conduct a joint goal-setting exercise (use our free course)
    4. Talk through the numbers of a typical investment (use RMP Property’s investment illustrations)
    5. Get them to write down all their concerns and discuss how you can avoid or reduce the risk of each of them.
    6. Bring them to a meetup to make them realise that you’re not the only one with this crazy idea, and property investors are just ordinary people (book your place at our meetups page)
    7. Get them listening to the podcast! A great place to start is our How To Become A Property Investor series.

Resource of the week

This week’s resource comes from the leader of our Manchester meetup, Mark Morris. He submitted it by voicemail so listen to the episode to check it out!

News this week

From 1 February 2016, you get to work for the government as an unpaid immigration officer. Yes, after the pilot scheme in the West Midlands, Right To Rent is being rolled out across the whole of the UK.

The RLA website has an article by solicitor David Smith which nicely summarises the new rules and some concerns around them.

It’s meetup night!

It’s the first Thursday of the month, which means it’s Property Hub Meetups time across the UK!

You’ve got 12 meetups across the UK to choose from, and they’re all completely free – all you need to do is reserve your place in advance.

So whether you’re looking for a joint venture partner, local experts whose brains you can pick, or just a bit of good old property chat with friendly people, get yourself along.

See all our meetup locations and book your place here.

Join the conversation

Did you have a hard time getting your partner on board with property investment? Any tips to share?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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