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However tasty the yield of the property you just bought, it’s all just a notional row on your spreadsheet until a tenant is in and paying the rent. So how do you achieve that…fast?

In this week we break it down to the three P’s – the property, the price and the partner you use to help you – and share some of the tips we’ve picked up from running Yellow Lettings as well as our own portfolios.

Resource of the week

This week’s resource is nearly 30 years old, but the lessons within it are timeless: Trump: The Art Of The Deal by Donald Trump.

Our own investments are unlikely to change the Manhattan skyline, but there’s no doubt that applying the same lessons will make us more successful even if we’re dealing with 2-bed semis in Margate. Whatever you think of the guy, a little bit of his magic rubbing off would be no bad thing. (But if you are investing in a 2-bed semi, maybe stop short of plastering your name all over the side of it.)

News this week

The London market is insane, Part…actually, we’ve lost count.

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