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It’s our annual opportunity to make ourselves look silly as we predict what’s in store for the property market in 2016 – and look back at our predictions from this time last year.

Take a listen and find out:

  • How last year’s predictions turned out (with audio clips from Episode 96 thrown in so there can be no cheating!
  • The three unprecedented predictions that Rob B is making
  • What we think is in store for London, especially in the light of the new Stamp Duty measures
  • Our predictions around lending, interest rates and regional house price growth
  • Why news stories in the media will be particularly misleading in the couple of years to come

We also reference our special episode from earlier in the week, so you might want to listen back to that too.

Resource of the week

Full disclosure: this week’s resource was submitted by a reader, but we can’t find the original email anywhere – so thank you, whoever you are!

It’s Rightmove’s House Price Trendometer – where you can put in any date range and see the change in house prices across every region and London borough. If you want to have fun while convincing yourself you’re actually doing some meaningful work, this is the tool for you – and it might come in handy for spotting areas where there’s potential for further growth to come.

Join the conversation

What predictions do you have for the coming year? And were you caught by surprise by anything that happened in 2015?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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