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It’s our annual “favourite resources” episode – full of books, podcasts and apps to entertain and educate. Here’s the full list…




Resource of the week

What, another one?

Yes, we’ve got your Christmas family entertainment sorted too – with Heads Up for Android and iOS.

It’s like a tech-enabled version of the game where you have to guess what’s written on the post-it note on your head – but faster paced, and with the bonus that it films the reactions of the people you’re playing with.

Lots of fun for all the family – speaking of which…

News this week

Yes, it’s the Bank of England’s Financial Stability Report. Page 29 is where the property stuff starts – and it talks about how they’re going to be keeping an eye on the underwriting standards of buy-to-let lenders.

We get into a discussion of what it all means on the episode, but the report is worth a browse too.

This week’s mentions

Big thanks to the North West Landlord Association for giving The Property Hub a whole page in its members’ magazine! (And to Mark Morris for making it happen).

You can take a look at the article here

Join the conversation

What books, podcasts and software have you loved this year?

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