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This week it’s the second part of our strategy series – and we’re diving into the pros and cons of five different investment strategies.

We talk about buy-refurb-refinance, buy-to-sell, HMOs, and two different flavours of buy-and-hold – with a cheeky extra bonus strategy thrown in at the end. It’s not the case that one is any better than the others, but they are all suited to different objectives and come with different risk and effort factors.

Take a listen to the episode to hear what we think about each of them – and if you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, you can do that here.

Resource of the week

The Ultimate Property Strategy is back! Well, it won’t quite be back if you listen to this episode as soon as it comes out, but it’s not far away.

When it’s ready you’ll find a link – along with a bumper load of other resources relating to this series – on our dedicated strategy page.

News this week

House prices in England and Wales have risen by 300% since 1995 – which is interesting, but it conceals a lot of individual variations.

The smallest 20-year rise is 80%, and the largest tops out at over 900% – meaning that where you invest will have made a gigantic difference to your returns. This ties directly in with the theme of this episode, so we dig into this story in a lot more detail.

Reserve Rob D’s new book, get exclusive bonuses!

Rob D has a book coming out next week (28th January), called The Complete Guide To Property Investment.

It couldn’t be more relevant to our strategy episodes – especially this week’s, as it goes through detailed worked examples of each of the strategies we talk about today. It also takes you step-by-step through his research process and covers purchase, management and tax, before tying it all together with the property cycle and approaches to portfolio-building. Phew!

And there’s no need to wait until next week! Instead, if you reserve your copy you’ll be sent extracts immediately and be eligible for a whole bunch of bonuses when you buy.

Those bonuses include:

  • Chapter-by-chapter audio notes from Rob, with extra material he couldn’t/didn’t want to put in the book itself
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  • Eligibility for a very special competition…

Basically, if you’re going to buy the book anyway, you’d be mad not to reserve a copy now: there’s still nothing to pay until release day, and you’ll get extra stuff for the same price.

It couldn’t be easier: just head over to propertygeek.net/book and enter your email address. That’s it!

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