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It’s the final part of our series on creating a property strategy – in which we cover the final decisions that need to be made, and look at translating the plan into action.

We cover:

  • Deciding where to buy
  • Deciding what to buy
  • Moving from planning into action
  • How to review your progress and adjust as you go

Remember – all the resources relating to the strategy series can be found together on our property strategy page.

Resource of the week

Big thanks to Chris, the leader of our Dubai meetup, who suggested MOOCs as a resource of the week.

Huhwhat? MOOCs are Massively Open Online Courses – meaning courses that are made available from many top universities, either free of charge or for a very low cost.

If there’s any topic you’d like to educate yourself on (whether for fun or professional development), take a look and you might be surprised by the quality and quantity of resources that are available.

Chris suggests checking out:

Rob’s book is out today!

Yes, the day has finally arrived: The Complete Guide To Property Investment is out RIGHT NOW!

As if the book itself wasn’t enough, we’ve also lined up a very special competition for anyone who buys today – 28th January.

Click here to see the awesome prize we’ve secured, and to buy your copy.

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