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Any investment has risks attached. It’s important not to rush into a situation that’s more risky than you can afford to stomach…but you also don’t want to let fear of risk put you off from doing anything.

So this week, we’re looking at the most common risks in property investment, and what you can do to reduce them. We cover:

  • Accidentally over-paying for a property
  • Not being able to find tenants
  • Tenants not paying
  • Expensive maintenance
  • A rise in mortgage rates
  • Property prices falling
  • Pitfalls of buying off-plan
  • Adverse new government policies (for another perspective on this, listen to this episode of the Property Geek Podcast)

It’s all about getting beyond generalised worry and anxiety, and appropriately identifying and controlling the risks. So take a listen, and we’ll show you how to do just that!

Resource of the week

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had lots of books recommended to you that you want to read, but just haven’t found the time for.

This week’s resource is this YouTube channel which has 5-10 minute animated summaries of a whole range of business and personal development books. It’s a great way to extract the main points from each book in a fraction of the time – and to identify which are worth exploring further.

Thank you to Anthony Hubbard for putting this our way!

News this week

A recent report by Savills reports that more than 1 million more households will enter the private rented sector in the next five years. That’s a lot of demand!

It also has covers the different ways in which we might see institutions getting involved to create new supply, and includes a shocking image that shows the growth in the rented sector across the UK over the last 25 years.

Meetups and Summits ahoy!

We talked about what a great time we had at February’s meetups – and March’s events are already open for registration. They’re totally free – all you need to do is reserve your place. Click here to see the full list of locations.

We’re also getting close to a sell-out for April’s Property Hub Summit. If you’re interested in joining us, check out all the details here.

Join the conversation

What risks concern you the most in property?

Have you found any novel ways of controlling risk in your business model?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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