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This week we’re finding out if there’s any substance behind the buzzword that is the “Northern Powerhouse”.

We talk transport links, government projects, multi-billion pound regeneration schemes…and most importantly, what it all means for property investors.

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Resource of the week

Archilogic is a service that takes a floorplan and turns it into a 3D walkthrough. We’ve not taken it for a spin, but it looks like it could be a handy tool to show off your development projects or even just rental properties in a more compelling way.

News this week

Thank to Paul Marshall who pointed us towards this highly relevant story from the BBC, discussing how Chinese investors are looking to Manchester in search of higher returns.

Investments being marketed overseas creates challenges, but it’s yet another indicator that the growth could well be in the north over the coming decade.

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What effect do you think the northern powerhouse initiative will have for property investors?

Will you be targeting your investments to take advantage, or do you think it’s little more than a government buzzword?

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