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Rob & Rob own multiple property businesses as well as their own portfolios…but what do they actually do every day?

That’s what we attempt to answer in this episode, as a means of both showing what a full-time career in property looks like and extracting useful lessons for investors at all stages.

Along the way we mention the businesses and projects we’re involved with:

And some specific episodes:

Resource of the week

The government has released a new house price index – The UK House Price Index – which pulls in more data sources than any other, and should be free of some of the limitations inherent in other indices.

You can view and search the data here, and also read more about how the index is calculated.

The Property Hub Summit goes north!

On 22nd October, we’re finally doing something we’ve meant to do (and been asked to do) for a long time – holding a Property Hub Summit outside London!

Where outside London? Well that’s up to you – we’ll come to whichever city gets the most votes in our poll.

Cast your vote here for where you’d like us to visit!

Join the conversation

What does your day look like?

How do you juggle property alongside your other commitments?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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