So, Brexit happened…now what?

That’s the question we attempt to answer in this week’s episode. What happens next in general, what happens next for the property market in particular…and perhaps more importantly, what general lessons can we take away from the whole thing?

We discuss:

  • What’s happened during the last couple of weeks since the result
  • What it means for property in London – and the UK market in general
  • What to absolutely not do now as an investor
  • Where there might be opportunities to profit from uncertainty
  • The psychology of investors, and what Brexit can teach us about preparing for future major events

Further listening:

Resource of the week

Thank you to Charles for pointing us towards Office Lens (iTunes store and Android store).

It’s another document scanning app, but Charles and Rob B agree that the quality is far superior to anything else they’ve tried – and even works for whiteboards.

Rob D noted that Evernote has raised its document scanning game too, and the mobile version of Google Drive is improving all the time.

It’s meetup day!

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And if you’re in Leeds or Leamington Spa, one of the Robs will see you there!

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How have your plans changed, if at all?

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