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This week we’re lucky enough to be joined by Pete Matthew from the Meaningful Money podcast, who talks us through how to set up your personal finances for property investment.

Having Pete on the show allowed us to cover some topics that we’ve not devoted enough attention to in the past, including:

  • The importance of life insurance if you have mortgages
  • Where to keep your money while you wait to invest
  • What kind of emergency buffer you should have on hand
  • How to view property as part of a wider investment portfolio
  • …and Pete shares the biggest personal finance mistake he sees people making

If you need more Pete in your life – and frankly, who doesn’t – make sure you’re subscribed to Meaningful Money

Resource of the week

Thank you to Matt Chan for pointing us towards Mubert – a site that generates sounds designed to help you concentrate.

We’ve covered similar in the past, but it’s always worth checking out another – and if you’re going to be looking into insurance policies and bank account comparison tables, you’ll need all the help you can get…

News this week

The northern powerhouse powers on – as Theresa May confirms that it’s not going to be scrapped along with the chancellor who coined it!

Buzzword or not, investing and looking at policy to rebalance the economy geographically makes nothing but sense – and is good news for anyone with investments anywhere near the areas that are set to benefit.

It’s meetup time again!

The first Thursday of the month is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing: MEETUPS!

Again there are more than 30 across the country – and if you’re in London, you can attend the launch of our brand new Waterloo meetup.

View the full list and book your place here

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Any other questions you’d like Pete to answer for us?

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