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This week’s podcast is one we’ve never done before. We’re going to analyse your latest deals, and thank you to all of you who have submitted details to us. If this is popular then we’ll do it again in a few weeks as we have lots to get through! If you’d like to submit a deal for us to look into in the future, then you can do so right here.

Meetups are tonight!

Before we get started, a quick reminder to head along to your nearest Property Hub Meetup this evening. It’s your last chance this year to come along, so we hope you’ll be there and bringing some Christmas cheer with you!

Rob B is going to be heading to St Alban’s and you’ll find Rob D at our South Essex Meetup, so if you’d like to say hi then you know where to find them.

Resource of the week

A serious resource this week but a great one if you’re concerned about safety when out and about viewing properties. The PanicGuard App has a host of safety features that can help you feel that bit more secure.  You can choose a contact to get alerted if you activate the alarm. You can also have contacts track your journey, and set a timed alarm that only you can deactivate

News this week

Philip Hammond announced his Autumn Statement last week and the biggest headline appears to be that he’s scrapping the custom all together! There was some news for Landlords and Tenants though – what do you think the impact will be? Discuss this over on the forum.

Join the conversation

What did you think to the three deals discussed on the podcast today? Would you have been tempted by Bradford, opted for Bedford or would anyone have had a different take on the Bristol investment? For future reference, we’d love to see your potential investments for towns that don’t begin with B too!

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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