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Nobody can deny that 2016 has been a weird year for the world, but it’s been a good year for us in general. This week’s episode is a run down of the things we have loved in the past twelve months.

News this week

Shock – as BTL is over (apparently). This news story has some pretty depressing statistics attached to it, and if you read just the first paragraph it’s not great news! But (as you probably suspected) there’s a bit more to this! The statistics used are not exactly thorough, with data coming from only one firm of estate agents.

An excellent reminder of why we should always read beyond the headlines.

Resource of the week

This episode is really one long resource of the week list, so if that’s your favourite part of The Property Podcast, then keep listening.


Death by Meeting – Patrick Lencioni

Titan Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton

The Slight Edge Jeff Olson

Speculator – Doug Casey

Open – Andre Agassi



How I built this

Conversations with Tyler

London Fintech Podcast

The Spectator podcast



Virgin Train App



Kindle App – Word Runner

Should I Answer?



Other Stuff

Jet Skiing

Billions & Narco’s – TV

On Netflix – Tony Robbins “I am not your guru”, Supermensch – The legend of Shep Gordon

No coffee!

Meditation – 100 days

Join the conversation

What would make your ‘Best of 2016’ list? Have you checked out any of the suggestions The Robs mentioned? Carry on the conversation over at The Property Hub Forum.

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