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That’s right, Brexit discussions have become the nation’s new favourite way to fall out with your friends and family.

It’s not just a hot topic around dinner tables, it’s got the conversation flowing across our Hub members and on our social channels. Let’s take a look at what Brexit has done to the UK property market and what’s going to happen in the event of a deal, no deal, some other deal or another referendum.

But first, we kick this week’s podcast off with some news stories. The main headline was that house prices were likely to fall by 35%. Did Mark Carney actually predict this, or was this the media attempting to stir us into a frenzy? There’s likely to be many property investors interested in this prediction, so it’s important to know where these facts came from and if they’re actually true.

The main topic today is Brexit and its impact on the UK property market. And whilst the Rob’s don’t have a crystal ball, they share their thoughts this week on how Brexit is likely to affect UK property. If you’re a property investor, should you sit it out and hold off buying your next investment property or should you look for the opportunities that Brexit could present? Based on history and some fundamental principles, the Rob’s delve deep this week. So brace yourselves for a great podcast!

This week Rob & Rob attempt to strip away the emotion and focus on the core facts that could lead to Brexit severely impacting the UK property market – or not. Should we be nervous? Should we take stock of the negativity surrounding the market? Or should we be embracing the buying opportunities that this could present to property investors?

Hit the play button to find out.

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