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It’s the 201st episode of The Property Podcast and this week we’re focussing on where to invest in the UK this year. Some of them you may be expecting from us, but there’s a couple of wildcards thrown in for good measure. Listen to find out more.

Property Geek

A quick plug for Rod D’s Property Geek Podcast – the latest episode talks about new mortgage rules which haven’t had much coverage elsewhere. Take a listen to get up to date. 

Rents are hitting an ‘affordability ceiling’

Rob D chose this news story because it proved him right (again). The idea is that rents are getting so high in some areas that if they go up any further, tenants wont afford them, which will only produce more void periods in the end. Rents can’t just rise forever as salaries are not rising at the same rate. This is obviously more of an issue in places such as London where tenants are reportedly paying up to 75% of their disposable income on rent. Check out the article here. 

Resource of the week

Tinder for business (apparently). Shapr.co will give you the ability to swipe left or right and make interesting business contacts. Check it out. 

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What do you think to our suggestions? Where are you looking to invest this year? Head to the forum to have your say.

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