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It’s virtually impossible to find an accountant who really understands what property investors want.

Someone who doesn’t just understand the latest tax law, but who’ll also proactively advise you about what you should be doing.

Someone who has a strong understanding of what kind of investor you are, and what you’re trying to achieve in the long term.

We know this is the case because we get asked for recommendations every single day – and it’s been endlessly frustrating to see our community be so poorly served, yet not be able to do anything about it.

Because this is such a critical issue, we eventually decided we needed to go beyond just finding someone to recommend and passing business their way. So we’ve spent the last year building our own “dream team” of accountants, and designing a service that’s designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of property investors – and finally, we’re ready to help you overcome your tax challenges!


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How it works

From our years of working with investors, we know their #1 frustration is that their accountant doesn’t make proactive suggestions: they just process what you give them at the end of the year, and respond to questions along the way if you’re lucky.

That’s why we’ve specifically designed the Property Hub Tax service to make sure you and your accountant are 100% clear from the start on where you are now, and what you want to achieve. It means they can identify the most important areas where you need their help, and you can be confident that their advice is aligned with your long-term goals.

Here’s how the process works:

1. You’ll book in a 45-minute consultation call with one of the Property Hub Tax team. Before the call, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete about your current portfolio (if you have one), your personal circumstances and your goals.

Our accountants will review your questionnaire and of course we’ll comply with anti money laundering regulations by performing all necessary checks before your consultation.

2. On the call, your accountant will share their screen with you while they walk through your options – so you’ll see the exact pounds-and-pence impact different decisions will have on your tax bill, right in front of you. No vagueness or generalities here!

On the call there will also be the opportunity to have all your questions answered, and you’ll go away with an outline areas to focus on when it comes to saving tax.

3. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll get a custom report containing a summary of what you talked about, detailed worked numbers for different scenarios you are considering, and detailed next steps.

4. Then it’s up to you! We expect that you’ll want to start using Property Hub Tax as your accountant right away, so we can start putting into action the strategy we’ve identified together and giving you advice as you continue to build your portfolio. But you’re not committed in any way: if you’d prefer, you can give your report to another accountant and have them implement it for you.

The price for this consultation call and report is £300 + VAT.

Exceptional value for finally getting clarity on how you should structure your business and having all your questions answered – by someone who completely understands what property investors are all about.


Any questions before booking? Email

We’re sorry, but we are only able to offer our services to UK residents.
We will definitely cover your property business(es) as well as personal accounts and tax. Whether we are the best option for you for your other companies will depend on the size and complexity of your business affairs.
We find that the initial consultation is the best way for us both to understand each other and to devise a strategy and way forward from the perspective of a specialist property accountant. Because of this, we recommend that everyone completes this process.
It depends on your circumstances and needs, and we’ll run through this in the initial consultation.
At the moment we work standard office hours, but can be flexible within that. Please do get in touch.
In exceptional circumstances we will consider requests to change appointment times. Please contact us on If an appointment is missed, or postponed more than once, we will charge an administrative fee, and in some circumstances we reserve the right to forfeit the whole consultation charge.
Yes, in this scenario it would make sense to do the consultation together. You should ensure you fill out the pre-questionnaire to take account of both of you.
No – because there will be many other factors which are different for each of you, we recommend you do the consultation individually. However, please ensure that you let us know that your investments are jointly owned when completing the pre-questionnaire.
Yes, the sooner you devise a tax strategy the better: you need to account for the impact of tax when you’re putting your plan together, and it’s much cheaper to get the structure right from the start than try to change it later.
Generalist accountants will mostly deal with business accounts and have property as a side product to their core business. There may have been a time when this was doable – but not anymore. Now tax on property investors is so much more complex than it was, working with a firm of property tax specialists is a must.
Our fees for individual property investors start at just £49 per month. For limited company investors, these start from just £69 per month
We only have limited slots, and they do go quickly! We will release the next lot of slots for later in the year about a month prior to the beginning of the quarter. Well let people know through our usual channels. In the meantime, please do join the waiting list and you’ll be the first to hear when the next slots are opened.
Here is the agenda for your tax consultation. If you wish to discuss additional items, we will be able to provide a quotation for discussion at a separate time.

1. Impact of the restrictions on residential property finance costs on your property portfolio

2. Calculating the increase in income tax from your property portfolio

3. Practical ways to mitigate the restrictions on residential property finance costs

4. Spouse transfer (if applicable) and associated tax savings

5. Furnished Holiday Lettings (if applicable) and associated tax savings

6. Limited Company (if applicable) and associated tax savings

7. Partnership incorporation (if applicable) and associated tax savings

8. Capital gains tax and Stamp Duty on property sale or transfer

9. Next steps

Sometime the best advice we can give is the reassurance that you are already structured in the most beneficial way at this point in time. However, circumstances can change so we will always go through all possible scenarios with you in case your circumstances change in the future.
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The Privacy Policy for The Property Hub Tax Limited can be found here. Please note that this is not the same as the Property Hub Group Privacy Policy which can be found in the footer of our website.